Wendell A Goins MD, FACS

Country : USA


I began my Martial arts journey while attending Howard University College of Medicine in 1976 at the famed Howard University Tae Kwan Do Club under the auspices of GM Dong Ja Yang ,Phd . While there till 1979 , my instructors included the now GM John L Holloway ( 2007 TKD-HOF Honoree) , Debra Holloway (January 23, 1955 – 2011) who was a seven-time US bantamweight champion, and earned a silver medal in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea, GM Howard Davis and others . I competed in the  1978 AAU National Championships as a blue belt and earned a Silver and Bronze medal.    I continued my training in TKD while stationed in Miami , FL in 1980-1981 under the guidance of GM Byung Ho Choi ( 1938-2019 ) who happened to be a college room mate of GM Dong Ja Yang and was on the cover of Black Belt Magazine in May 1979 ,where i advanced to red belt.   I returned to the Washington DC area in 1981 where i began my association and training with GM Ki Whang Kim ( 1920-1993 ) ( TKD-HOF 2009). He encouraged me to be a champion in the operating room . I had a close ( similar to a Doctor – Patient relationship ) relationship with him as I advanced to Black Belt level in 1983 and second Dan in 1985 in Tang Soo Do / Mu Duk Kwan / TKD. GM Ki Whang Kim was a student of and promoted to 4th Dan by Toyama Kanken Sensei (1888-1966) while studying in Japan . He was one of the Martial Arts pioneers who came to the USA from Korea in the early 1960’s. He was inducted into the Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame in 1979 and was also named as“Instructor of the Year” by the magazine in 1979. My instructors at Kim studio included long time Kim Studio students :GM Albert Kwabena Rainey Cheeks and GM Raymond Lee  and others. I later tested and was  awarded a 5 th  Dan by GM Ray Lee on 6/13/14 .I remain affiliated and train with the Ki Whang Kim Traditional Martial Arts Association .   I began my study of Yang Style Short Form-37 Posture Tai Chi Chuan , Cheng Man-Ch’ing  in 1992 at Glen Echo, Md under the guidance of Len and Ellen Kennedy who were students of Robert Smith and Ben Lo . Ben Lo would visit us on a yearly basis for corrections .In later years, his senior student ,National Push Hands champion ,Lenzie Williams would fulfill this role. I continue to practice Tai Chi Chuan  with assistance from Len and Ellen Kennedy and from  Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming ( YMAA ).  After leaving the Wash DC area in 1996 , I have been training under the direction of GM James E White , Hanshi in Lancaster , SC where we practice Universal Karate ( a mixture of TKD, Okinawan Kenpo with weapons, Shotokan Karate ).While there, I have had the pleasure of participating in martial arts along side of my three daughters . Over the years I have competed in Karate tournaments and have been awarded Bronze and Gold Medals in sparring in the AAU and 9 grand championships ( Kata) in many tournaments between 2013 and 2019. I was named one of the Dojo Organizations ” Competitor of the year ” between 2013-2016.   I am an instructor at Universal Karate Studios as a 6th Dan , Kyoshi working primarily with adults and teenagers. To maintain and augment my martial arts journey, I also train with other masters which include George Alexander Hanshi ( Hakutsuru Kenpo ),Bruce and Ann Marie Heilman Hanshi ( Okinawan Kenpo). Troy Price Kyoshi ( Shuri-Te Bu-jutsu Kai) and others   I coauthored a book with another Howard University Undergraduate and College of Medicine graduate  and TKD Club  participant , Melvin Marlow Maclin II MD ( 2 nd  Degree BB ) : ” Way of the Surgeon :The intersection of martial arts and surgery ” in 2022 . I was also featured in and contributed in the book : “Martial arts and Your Life : The Story of Us : A Survey of What We Do and Why ” by Lawrence A Kane and Kriss Wilder in 2022.

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