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Taekwondo Hall Of Fame Museum


North Korean Government Awards presented to Ambassador Choi Hong Hi
(Visual artifact donated by George Vitale)

Awards of GM Michael Vasquez

Awards won by Master Michael Vasquez First USA male to win a gold medal in the KUKKIWON at 14th Annual Foreigners’ and Women’s Taekwondo Championships 1983
(Visual artifact donated by Master Michael Vasquez)


This is the protective gear called “Hogu” which was worn in early Taekwondo competition constructed of bamboo ribbing. At left is te late GM Yeon Hee Park a member of the Korean National Team wearing similar gear during competition. In later years the bamboo was replaced with thick padding. Virtual historical artifact provided by GM Alberto Borjas.

Medals won by Master Sarah Chung of Malaysia

Medals won by Master Sarah Chung, Malaysia’s all time greatest Taekwondo player. Artifact donated by Master Sarah Chung who currently serves as NATIONAL DIRECTOR of the OFFICIAL TAEKWONDO HALL OF FAMEĀ® representing CANADA. (WT Affiliates)

Trophy of SBN Ramiro Guzman

Trophy won by Ramiro Guzman of Mexico at the Full Contact World Championships in 1976 (Visual artifact donated by SBN Ramiro Guzman)