Master Carlos Ariel Mantero Mortillaro

Country : Italy


Carlos Ariel Mantero Mortillaro, VII Dan, born in Lima, Peru on 26/10/1973
Transferred in Argentina in 1979, began the practice of Taekwon-Do ITF in 1981 with SM Ernesto Figueredo. He reached 1st Dan in 1991 with SB Osvaldo Lena in Bs As (USKA). In 1993 he reached 2nd Dan in Bs As with GM R.R. Syracusa. He participated in 1995 being 2nd Dan to a seminar in Bs As with the Father of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. In 2002 he reached 3rd Dan in Bs As with GM R.R. Syracusa. In 2006 reached 4th Dan in Bs As by GM Palmisano and SM Figueredo. In 2007 he collaborates as an instructor in Chile with Master Pablo Sabalain+ and in Ocala with Sabonim Jose Javier Montero. (TKDHOF Supporter)

In 2009 he transferred to Sicily, endeavouring to spread the Taekwon-Do ITF which was totally unknown in the vast Sicilian territory.

During this period he managed to organize for the first time regional events:

• Training courses and seminars, sports combat, forms and umpire
• Tournaments at the Regional level
• Curriculum for the study of theory
• National participation in Sicilian athletes’ tournaments

Internationally, it takes its Sicilian athletes to:

• International championships in Spain and USA
• “Lectio Magistralis” by GM Osvaldo Rios Olivero (TKDHOF Member) for the first time in Sicily

Always getting optimal results.

2010 is examined for 5th by GM Palmisano and SM Figueredo.

Already in European territory participates in the National Seminar held in Germany and led by GM Hwang Ho Yong and GM Andreas Granzow. (TKDHOF Member)

2015 reached 6th Dan in Plovdiv being examined by GM Palmisano and GM Rios Olivero (TKDHOF Member) and participates at IIC in Spain with GM Kim Ung Chol and the IIC in the World Championship with GM Hwang Ho Yong.

2022 reached 7th Dan in Sicily being examined by GM Rios Olivero (TKDHOF Member)

. Title of studies: 1995 Chemical Technician
. 2023 almost Degree in Sports Sciences with Biomedical orientation (missing 3 subjects).

Some ITF Championships (World, Continental level/ Medal/Cup)

Tournament Title (participated as) Country.  Achievement    Year

Torneo Escuela Profesional de TKD Competitor Umpire Arg. 2°. Tul IV Dan. 2008
Campeonato Argentino de TKD Competitor Arg. 1° Tul. IV Dan 2° Sparr. 2008
US TKD Open Championships Competitor USA 1° Tul IV Dan 3° Sparring 2007
VIII Copa TAE Competitor / Umpire Arg. 3° Tul IV Dan 2007
2° Torneo de TKD Prov. de San Luis Competitor / Umpire Arg.. 2° Tul III Dan 2° Spar 2006
XII Torneo Nacional FAAT Competitor Umpire. Arg. 2° Tul III Dan. 3° Sparring. 2005

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