GM Phillip Ameris

Country : USA

Grand Master Philip Ameris started his lifelong journey in Martial Arts at age 7 when his father (a former professional boxer) suggested ‘karate’ as good rehabilitation for a broken leg.

Over 40 years later – Ameris continues to train, teach, and dedicate his life to Taekwondo – becoming the highest ranking student (9th Degree Black Belt) of the Legendary Grand Master Hee Il Cho.

After years of success in various forms of competition, Ameris shifted his focus from “martial sport” to spreading the benefits and values of Traditional Martial Arts throughout his hometown (New Kensington, Pa.)

While establishing his Dojang, Grand Master Ameris has traveled the word to learn, instruct, and coach AIMAA Taekwondo at every level. Ameris has conducted seminars throughout Europe, been featured in cover stories for leading publications such as Black Belt Magazine, Taekwondo Times, and British Combat Magazine. Ameris has authored several articles for prominent Martial Arts publications and was commissioned to present his own video series – Practical Taekwondo – based on his wealth of experience in Self Defense and Reality Fighting.

Grand Master Ameris has taught self defense to local law enforcement, established the Taekwondo Program at the prestigious Kiski Preparatory School, and has coached competitors at every level – including professionals at the legendary K1 Kickboxing Arena in Japan and early MMA promotions (World Combat Championships). Ameris has been inducted to several Martial Arts Hall of Fame and developed an effective Women’s Self Defense Program: Real Attack Prevention Effectively.

Currently, Grand Master Ameris can be found teaching at his Dojang every night – passing on the traditions of authentic Martial Arts, pushing his students to achieve optimum health, and helping build real confidence through the understanding of effective street self defense.

Ameris’ teaching experience and passion for the Martial Arts has proven to be infectious, spilling over to his immediate family. His wife, Master Jeanne Ameris, is currently his highest ranking student (6th Degree Black Belt) and assists with the instruction of classes as well as manages the day to day operations of the Dojang. His two sons, Philip Jr. (4th Degree Black Belt) and Jimmy (1st Degree Black Belt) both actively train, instruct students, and coach local competitors.