GM Lynda Blanchard

Country : USA



     The Tae Kwon Do Journey of GM Lynda Blanchard began when she entered college in 1971.  A ten week self defense course was offered in the evenings and taught by a senior black belt of GM Il Joo Kim, a pioneer of Tae Kwon Do in the United States during the late 60’s, and one of the most senior living proponents of Tae Kwon Do in the world.  Her initial goal was to get into better physical condition and learn self -defense in that ten week course however ten weeks became a lifetime of training, teaching, promoting the martial arts and competition. Throughout the years she progressed in experience, skill and rank, earning  1st Dan in 1974 and 7th Dan in 2022. 

     Very early in her training she discovered a talent for performing forms. Over a span of twenty years she competed throughout the mid-west, eastern seaboard and Canada.  In over forty competitions she placed first 36 times. As well as competing she helped organize and run her instructor’s tournament the “North American Taekwondo Championships” which was held annually during the 70’s in Akron, Ohio which attracted many of the top champions in the USA. 

     She states that competition was exciting but far more satisfying for her was personal training and teaching. For decades she a regular instructor for GM Il Joo Kim.  She taught beginners through advanced, large classes and private lessons, preparing the students for competition and promotional tests.

     She says while Tae Kwon  Do attracts millions of participants for which the major appeal is sport, she includes herself in the group for which Tae Kwon Do is more than sport. She states: “The philosophical and mental aspects of the martial arts sets it apart and the training and learning allows one a deeper understanding of self and others”.   She further adds:  “Tae Kwon Do calls for self-examination. It asks you not only to find both your strengths and weaknesses but also to continue to strive for self-improvement and to know yourself, to have control over yourself and to lead.”

     Her relationship with Tae Kwon Do has lasted fifty years. She says Tae Kwon Do is an essential part of who she is.  She added it has strengthened her both physically and mentally and changed her life.  She further indicated that she is honored to be inducted into the Tae Kwon Do Hall of Fame and  pleased to join her husband GM Tony Blanchard who was inducted in a ceremony held in the  USA in 2009 and their instructor GM Il Joo Kim who was inducted in Kukkiwon World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters located in Seoul, Korea 2011.

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