World Taekwondo

Norberto Welu

Country : Luxembourg


TKD backround:

National Director of the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame® / Luxembourg

Norberto Welu has practiced taekwondo since 1987 and I am 6th DAN Kukkiwon. I learned Taekwondo from Master Kim, Seung Yong 7th DAN and Grand Master Kim, Chul-Hwan 9th DAN and Grand Master Seo, Myung-Soo 9th DAN.

Regularly attend advanced training courses such as B. with the masters
Kytu ‐ Dang, Henk Meijers, Nuno Dâmaso, Chris Vella…

Club level:

Founding member of Taekwondo Steinfort in 1990 and I have been a board member since that day

1993 until this day main trainer / state-certified trainer (B license)
1997-1999 secretary
1999- until today President

National Level:

1990-1999 member of the national team Kyorugi
Multiple national champions in Kyorugi and Poomsae
Numerous podium places on a national and international level
Referee for Kyorugi and Poomsae
Organizer of several seminars for the development of Poomsae in Luxembourg
since 2008

1998-2008 Board member of the Technical Commission FLAM
1998-2008 member of the Disciplinary Commission
2005-2007 Chairman of the DAN Examination Board
2007- until today member of the DAN Examination Board
2008- until today board member of the FLAM
2009- until today the person responsible for Taekwondo in Luxembourg in the FLAM

2011-2014 founding member and acting chairman of the BCT
2014 until today president of the Taekwondo in Luxembourg (Independent section in the FLAM)
2018 until today vice-president of the FLAM

International level:

Numerous podium places on international level
Official representative for Luxembourg on many events, some examples:

  • at the 2011 European Poomsae Championship in Genoa, Italy
  • at the 2011 World Championship in Gyeongju, South Korea
  • at the 2014 World Cadet Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan
  • at the 2016 World Junior Championship in Burnaby, Canada
  • at the 2017 World Championship in Muju, South Korea
  • at the 2018 World Junior Championship in Hammamet, Tunisia
  • at the 2019 World Championship in Manchester, United Kingdom

Organizer of several courses, training courses and advanced training courses
CSB-Member (Competition Supervisory Board) on many big competitions
1999-2007 Organizer of the official International LuxOpen in Poomsae
2014 until now WTE Coach Licence
2015 3rd class examiner Poom/Dan by Kukkiwon
2016 until now organizer of the LuxOpen G1 (Kyorugi competition)

European level (WT Europe)

ETU badge of honor in bronze
2010 and 2013 member of the electoral committee of the GA ETU in Cyprus and Romania
2013 appointment to the ETU Council
2016 until today WTE Executive board member
2016 until today WTE Executive board Treasurer


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