Poster of Korea and Japan Goodwill International Meetings 1961

Poster for the Good will International meetings between Korea and Japan on May 6-7, 1961 at Sam Il Dang in Seoul (10 days before the Military Coup).The event took place in several cities of South Korea from May 6th to 10th 1961 : Seoul (Sam Il dang), Daegu, Pusan and Jeonju.Translation :Korea Japan Goodwill Tang Soo Do tournament The 1st International TSD tournament and demonstration(Moo Duk Kwan patch is in a small circle in the center, above the sparring characters)Date: May 6-7, 1961 Location: Sam Il DangSponsor: Moo Yei Si Bo Participating: All Japan Karate Federation, Korean SBD Association Moo Duk Kwan & Ji Do Kwan.Support: Kyong Hyang News Paper (source Moo Duk Kwan since 1945)