Taekwondo Hall of FameĀ® Ceremony 2019

GM Wesley Jenkins

Country : USA


Place of Birth: Waterbury, Ct
Instructor: GM Robert E. Beaudoin
Martial Art : Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do
Year Started: 1968
Promoted to 1st degree Black belt in 1975
Promoted to 8th degree Black belt 2013

The streets were mean and tough in Connecticut where I grew up and this led me to thinking about the martial arts as a viable means of self defense.
I started training in earnest in 1968 and when I saw the physical benefits after a few months,I gained a comfortable sense of confidence in myself and my ability to protect myself from trouble.
I joined the US Army in 1976 and was eventually stationed in West Germany.
While I was there, I taught Tang Soo Do to service members and participated in competition events and demonstrations both and off base.
After my active duty, I resumed my training with GM Beaudoin.
In 1994, my Family and I moved to Waldorf Maryland and I begin studying under GM Myung Seok Seo.
In 1998, I opened TigerDoJang. And today, we continue the tradition values of classical martial art training for a techno world