Taekwondo Hall of Fame® Ceremony 2017

GM Leon Preston

Country : USA


8th Degree Black Belt

Teaching since 1967: Europe, Asia, South America,
Africa, North America, Central America, Australia

International Referee Certified by the World Taekwondo
Federation S-Class and one of the most senior in the world

1988 Olympic Games Seoul Korea Demonstration Team

2008 Beijing Olympic Games Referee (one of only 29
selected world wide)

Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service award 2013 by
the University of Washington

Licensed International Taekwondo Instructor by the

Qualified 2nd Class Taekwondo Judge by the World Taekwondo
Academy of the Kukkiwon (Dan and Poom Test Examiner).

Coach and Trainer of many National, International and Olympic

Coaching, Training, and Sparring Seminars in 5 Continental Regions

World Taekwondo Federation Academy, Lead Lecturer

Vice-President of the World Taekwondo Referee Committee

Co-Chair of the United States Referee Committee

Head coach and trainer of the University of Washington
Taekwondo programHead coach Swedish University team
(World College Championships)

Seminar Instructor: National and International
Leadership Skills
Sports management
Psychology of Leadership
Tactical and Strategic Sparring
Critical Thinking
Grand Challenges/Collective Impact
Program Development and Implementation
Program Evaluation
Supervision Skills
Management Skills

Igniting Dreams Camp “Through the Teachers Eyes” A youth
Development Program.