Taekwondo Hall of Fame® Ceremony 2022

GM Jon Wiedenman

Country : USA



1998-2021 Jon Wiedenman rekindled the spark of Chang Moo Kwan by seeking out and reestablishing its founder Nam Suk Lee as leader of the art in 1998. Jon Wiedenman became Nam Suk Lee, Chang Moo Kwan’s founder his last, highest student supporting him, giving him a do bok to wear and a dojang to train in San Pedro, California; furthermore, reestablishing Nam Suk Lee’s position as 2nd Grandmaster of Chang Moo Kwan through commemorating Nam Suk Lee in articles, a website, social media, and memorializing his techniques, forms, philosophies and vision for the future. In addition, Jon Wiedenman has served as 3rd Grandmaster of Chang Moo Kwan under Traditional Chang Moo Kwan in a continuing attempt to fight racial and ethnic barriers existing in the Korean Martial arts and simultaneously moving forward establishing the vision of Nam Suk Lee.

Jon Wiedenman has implemented “at risk” multi racial, socially-economically challenged youth programs for 10’s of Thousands of at children over the last 43 years of his career, including facilitating accessible dojangs at Junior High Schools, High Schools, (4) Community Centers, (2) Boys and Girls Club, (3) YMCAs, and Churches (1) all free of charge.

2011 Accepted Rank of 10th Dan signed by (George Fullerton, 9th; Anthony Barnes, 9th; Martin Marcus, 9th; Larry McClure, 9th, all Nam Suk Lee’s students (Formally Accepted Rank 20 years after Nam Suk Lee’s Passing 2021). Becoming the first 10th Dan in a Korean Art, living * (Only 10th we know of in a Korean Art) *

1974-1997 Became the first/only Master, 5th Dan, of Grandmaster Dae Woong Chung and helped him establish three schools in the Los Angeles area from developing the curriculum to developing the philosophies. The only non-Korean to complete the Chang Moo Kwan/Kim Style “Rite of Purification” and “Rite of Passage,” elevating his teacher to Grandmaster Dae Woong Chung to 9th Dan in1995.

1979 and Present Jon Wiedenman had saved an estimated 9 human lives through use of martial arts skills, putting into practice what is preached. Some I can personally attest to. The fact he was instantaneous in implementing his Martial skills to better society is truly admirable. (Itemized below)
Jon has spent three years in the Far East trying to find out the roots of Chang Moo Kwan and training in the “Arts.” He has spent the most time in Korea where he spent a lot of time with Nam Suk Lee, long before they would be teacher student. He also visited Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and over 50 other countries.


  1. 10th Dan Traditional Chang Moo Kwan “Chang Moo Kwan”/Nam Suk Lee Legacy, 2011 #3 (Signed by Anthony Barnes, George Fullerton, Marty Marcus, and Larry McClure, 9th Dan/All have either trained extensively along side me with the founder Nam Suk Lee, Barnes and Fullerton or had very close relationships with Nam Suk Lee through out his life: McClure was the ambassador when Nam Suk Lee was on the East Coast, and Marcus was the man who was at the all Korean meeting when I was told I could not be 3rd Grandmaster of Chang Moo Kwan because I was not Korean, Korean)
  2. 9th Dan World Chang Moo Kwan/Nam Suk Lee, Signed 4/8/2000 #165
  3. 9th Dan Traditional Chang Moo Kwan/Kim System 3/15/2021 #2


  1. Chang Moo Kwan Letter of Appreciation Jon Wiedenman Signed Nam Suk Lee #427 5-25-98
  2. Chang Moo Kwan Letter of Appointment White Tiger Jon Wiedenman to Chang Moo Kwan Seminary Signed Nam Suk Lee #727 4/15/98
  3. Chang Moo Kwan Letter of Qualification Master/Instructor 4/15/1998 Jon Wiedenman Signed Nam Suk Lee #599 4/15/98
  4. Chang Moo Kwan Letter of Group Admission White Tiger Jon Wiedenman to The Chang Moo Kwan Signed Nam Suk Lee #727 4/15/98
  5. Chang Moo Kwan Letter of Appreciation Founding Inter-High School 1981, the San Pedro Boys and Girls Club, 1992, and the YMCA in 1997 Chang Moo Kwan Clubs. 8/27/2001
  6. Chang Moo Kwan Letter of Appreciation from the Seven Master of Traditional Chang Moo Kwan for a Higher Spiritual Journey Over 10 Years 3/6/2011


  1. 9th Dan White Tiger Chang Moo Kwan Combative Systems #1/ Eclectic System Founded by Jon Wiedenman (1974 to Present)
  2. 5th Dan Equivalency Eagle/Tiger System Chong Lee Korea
  3. 2nd Dan American Combat Special Forces Green Beret Instructor Ron Hood/Survival/Edged Weapons Specialty Certified/Several Environs/Chaparral and Pine (1972-76)
  4. Trained with Bruce Tegner in various martial arts/Wilderness Outdoorsmanship/Moorpark College 1974
  5. Staff Sargent “Hack” Wiedenman (My Dad) US Army Ranger Attack/Defense Tactics/Knife Techniques (1964-Death)
  6. Okinawan-Ryu 4 years 1964-1968


  1. MA Education from Cal Poly Pomona
  2. MA English (Need to Complete Thesis)
  3. BA Humanities Minor in Far Eastern Studies Cal Poly Pomona


  1. August 19, 2022 – Inducted into the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame®
  2. Magazine Feature in January 2002 “Passing the Torch” Tae Kwon Do Times
  3. Magazine Feature in January 2001 “Grandmaster Lee Dies” Tae Kwon Do Times
  4. 10/22/1998 San Pedro Boys and Girls Club Appreciation Award Service to Youth Chang Moo Kwan Club
  5. 10/22/1998 Mayor’s Certificate of Commendation Boys and Girls Club at Risk Kids Chang Moo Kwan
  6. 10/22/1998 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition Boys and Girls Club Chang Moo Kwan
  7. J. C. Penny’s Golden Rule Award for word for “Redirecting Youth” through Chang Moo Kwan
  8. 1995 Boys and Girls Club Appreciation Award for Continued Support through Chang Moo Kwan
  9. 1994 20 Years of Excellence in promoting Chang Moo Kwan Chung’s Tae Kwon Do
  10. 1991 Appreciation Award Exemplifying Positive Ideals Through Chang Moo Kwan Pomona High School
  11. 1987 Title VII Awarded for Exceptional Work as Educator and Coach Chang Moo Kwan Gary High School
  12. 1985-1986 Gary High School Club of the Year/Gary High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club
  13. 1984- 1985 Gary High School Advisor of the Year/Gary High School Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do Club


  1. 11/24/1996 Feature in several newspapers for saving an elderly man’s life, carrying 2.6 miles down a dark trail in freezing weather on my back
  2. 4/26/1987 Chief Darrell Gates: Letter of Commendation: Saving a lone police officer’s life against 4 gang members attacking him during a drug bust
  3. 1984 A letter thanks from the Covina Police Department taking down a perpetrator of domestic violence against his girlfriend
  4. 9/1979 Ed Walsh: A Note of thanks for rescuing a lone police officer from a Gang Member on PCP trying to apprehend officer gun/threatining dozens of children at a high school football game
  5. 1979 A letter thanks from the Covina Police Department taking down a perpetrator of domestic violence against his girlfriend


  1. 2014 27-29 June “Outstanding School of the Year Team Chang Moo Kwan” IMAC World Championships
  2. 2017 28 January “Sportsmanship Award Team Chang Moo Kwan” IMAC Winter National Martial Arts Championships
  3. 1984 Inter High School Championships
  4. 1985 Inter High School Championships
  5. 1986 Inter High School Championships
  6. 1992 Inter High/Collegiate Championships
  7. 1993 Inter High/Collegiate Championships

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