Taekwondo Champions Worldwide : Germany

Master Osman Eryörük

Country : Germany



His journey in Taekwondo began in 1992, when he was just five years old. His mentor was Grandmaster Seyfettin Eryörük, a direct student of Master Lee Ki Yung. Impressively, Master Lee was a pupil of the founder of Taekwondo, General Choi Hong Hi, which means his training has its roots directly in the origin of the art.

Years of intensive training and competing at the highest level have led him to to win significant titles: He is a multi-time German, European Champion, and World Champion. These achievements reflects not only his dedication and passion for Taekwondo but also the depth and quality of the teachings he has received.

In his role as National Coach for ITF Germany for the past twelve years, under the leadership of Grandmaster Andreas Granzow, he had had the privilege of passing on his comprehensive knowledge and experience to emerging talents. This position allowed him to shape future champions and instill the core values of Taekwondo – respect, integrity, and perseverance. His goal is to impart not only technical skills but also the important values of Taekwondo that should be lived and preserved in society.

His commitment to Taekwondo extends beyond personal achievements or his role as a coach. He is particularly keen on passing on the values and principles of Taekwondo that he has learned from his Grandmaster Seyfettin Eryörük. Respect, integrity, perseverance, and continuous self-improvement are guiding principles that he upholds in both his personal life and in his work as a coach and mentor.

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