GM Michael O'Malley

Country : USA


1976 General Choi’s Cup Intl. Championship1st place Grand Champ team
1976 National Open Karate Championships, Darien Conn – Grand Champion
1978 U.S. Team Trials, Washington D.C. -Gold Medal, Welterweight Division
1978 Member / AAU “All American Men’s Tae Kwon Do Team”  
1978 U.S. Team Member Pre-World games Seoul,Korea
1978 Pan-am Games, Mexico City–Bronze Medal
1979 Member / AAU “All American Men’s Tae Kwon Do Team”  
1979 “Tiger Kim’s” Intl Open Championship MSG, (NY) Grand Champion
1979 U.S. Team Trials Dayton Ohio, Gold Medal -Welterweight
1979 Selected ” Male Competitor of the Year” @ U.S. Team Trials.
1979 U.S. Team Member World Championships, Stuttgart Germany
1979 U.S. Team Member North American Games, Honolulu, HI — Silver
1979 U.S. Team Member World Games, Taipei, Taiwan
1980 U.S. Team Trials Berkley California, Gold Medal Welterweight
1980 Recipient of  the “Ken Min leadership Award” – Berkley California
1980 Selected U.S. Team Captain
1980 U.S. Team Member 2nd Pan Am Games Houston TX -Gold- Welter.
1981 U.S. Team Member N.American Games Toronto, Canada–Gold
1981 U.S. Team Trials Tampa Florida, Gold Medal– Welterweight
1981 Selected U.S. Team Captain for World Championships Ecuador
1981 National Tae Kwon Do Championship Wash. D.C.-Grand Champion
1984 Selected as U.S. Team coach of the East Squad for Olympic Sports Festival ,
Houston Texas.
Former Athlete Representative to the USOC
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame
Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame  April 10th, 2009