Master Alberto Borjas
National Director / CUBA


-Began practicing karate Do in the mid 70 s
-Earned 1st Dan in 1978
-Began practicing TKD in the mid 80 s
-Graduated from Instructors Course taught by Ecuadorian Instructor Fernando Jaramillo in Havana in 1988
-Became National Referee Chairman in 1988. Prepared and directed the referees in all National Tournaments from 1988 to 1996.
-Prepared and directed the referees in the 1st All Soviet Union WTF TKD Cup in Voronezh, Russia in 1990.
-Became National Team Assistant Coach in 1989-1991.The Cuban Team won 1st place at the Pan American Games in Havana in 1991.
-Became Head Coach of the Cuban Junior National team, created after the Pan American games, 1991-1993. Promoted several athletes to the National Team including Angel V. Matos, Olympic Champion in Athens 2000 and Pan American Champion Yosvany Perez.
-Became National Methodologist and Chairman of the Technical Comission.1993-1996.
Created National Programs for TKD
Dictated national courses for coaches and instructors.
-Became Adjunct Professor for Taekwondo in the University of Sports in Havana.1993-1996
-Dictated international courses in Havana and other Countries like:

Russia 1990.
Introduced WTF techniques of Kiorugui and Poomsae (Tuapse).
Dictated seminar for Coaches in the 1st All USSR TKD Cup, (Voronezh)
Asuncion, Paraguay, 1993. (Pan American Congress of Physical education.)
Mexico, D.F. and Celaya, Guanajuato 1993

Toronto, Canada, 1994
-Became member of the Technical Commission of the Cuban TKD Federation.1989-1993
-Became Secretary General of Cuban TKD federation-1989-1996

  • Graduated as International Referee in the 27th International Course held in Havana in August 1991.
    Participated as IR in:
    -Central and Caribbean Games, Ponce PR 1993
    -Mexican Olympic festival, Mexico DF 1993
    -1st Pan American open, Puebla, Mexico 1994
    -Pan American Games Mar de Plata, Argentina 1995
    -Earned 3rd Dan Kukkiwon in 1991. One of the first four in Cuban TKD history.
  • 4th Dan Kukkiwon in 1994
    -5th Dan Kukkiwon in 2000.
    -Began practicing Chayon-Ryu in 2013 under its founder, Grandmaster Kim Soo, Houston, Texas. Promoted to 4th Dan in 2018.
    -Promoted to 7th Dan in Taekwondo in 2020 by Grandmaster An Dae Sup, The World Jidokwan Taekwondo Federation. Seoul, Korea. -Teaching in the USA:
    Instructor. Ray’s Taekwondo. Miami Springs, Florida. 1996-1999
    Instructor/ Area Team Leader. Chuck Norris KDOOA/ Kick-Start Kids. . Houston, Texas. 1999-2009
    Instructor. Elite Taekwondo/ Nexus. Houston, Texas 2009-2012
    Instructor, Owner. Total Martial Training. Magnolia, Texas 2012-2017
    Instructor. Mou Chuk Martial Arts. Spring, Texas. 2017-2020

-Other credential and awards:
Bachelor Degree in Physical Education. 1981
Award of recognition from the Russian Taekwondo Federation. 1990
Award of recognition from the Mexican Taekwondo Federation. 1993
Award of excellence in teaching from the Houston Independent School District. 2004
Award for dedication from Grandmaster Kim Soo, Founder of Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts. 2020
Citation for the diffusion of Taekwondo from The World Taekwondo Jidokwan Federation. 2020