GM John McNally
Director U.K. United Kingdom National Governing Body

GM John McNally born 19 07 1971 in United Kingdom

1981 – Earned 1st Dan in Karate Shotokan
1989 – Earned 1st Dan Taekwon-do Chang Hon
1997 – Started Teaching. TAGB
1999 – Independent Teaching
2001 – Based teachings in Barnet London also Boreham Wood London and Coleshill Birmingham
2010 – Founded The Absolute Taekwondo Association in Birmingham United Kingdom
2010 – Founded the International Taekwondo Council
2014 – Global Taekwondo U.K. Director appointed.with GM Paul Liversidge 9th Degree.
2016 – Appointed as National Director of the Official Taekwondo Hall of Fame
2018 – ITC approved by U.K Government to act as U.K. Taekwon-do Council
2018 – U.K. representative Director for Pagitas for GM Purun Andrew Gurung
2020 – Earned 8th Degree Grandmaster recognition British Taekwondo Association.
2020 – Taekwon-do Coincil United Kingdom Formed and immediately permitted to be the U.K National registered Governing Body For TKD
2021 – Earned Chang Hon – ITF 7th Degree ITC awarded Grade