GM Jessica Stenholm
National Director / NORWAY

Address Stensg. 34, N-0358 Oslo, Norway
E-mail [email protected]
Languages Norwegian, Swedish, German and English
Work Bioengineer
Dan-grade 7th (No 05004256)

First and only female to be selected to 2 Olympic Games and one of the
“Millenium 24” for Sydney Olympics.

Have since then trained and coached one more Norwegian referee to be selected to London 2012

Olympic Games and Best Referee Award at the 9th WTF World Junior Championship 2012, Egypt.

Pioneer Master Instructor in Norway. Chief Instructor in Oslo Taekwondo Club since 1982. The first and oldest taekwondo Club in Norway. All instructors with no exception work without pay. After years of hard work the club got the district to build an amazing new 13 million NOK 100 sqm big place for the club to be permanently.

Have coached 2 receivers of the Kings Trophy which is the highest honor a Norwegian athlete can achieve in competition. Three of her students have been selected taekwondo person of the year (once in a lifetime award)

A role model for women’s taekwondo in Norway for more than 30 years

One of the first to sit in the official Norwegian Taekwondo Federation after being approved by the National Federation of Sports
Developed Norwegian Referees and responsible for all education since 1992