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Taekwondo Museum

North Korean Government Awards presented to Ambassador Choi Hong Hi (Visual artifact donated by George Vitale)

Kicking pad used by Grand Master Duk Sung Son and students ( info including pad dimensions to follow) (Visual artifact donated by Bob Heckman 6th Dan)

Eight (8) of the nine (9) original passports issued to GrandMaster Bok Man Kim who is considered by many persons outside of the USA to be to founder of Taekwon-do is South East Asia.It was revealed recentlty that Kim Bok Man is actaully the Technical foun

Award presented to Grand Master C.K. Choi in 2008 (Visual artifact courtesy of Krystyna Sargent B.A. (Hons)

Fist of GrandMaster Ki Ha Rhee with the first ever 9th Degree ring presented to a Grandmaster. This magnificent ring was given to G/M Ki Ha Rhee in 1997. General Choi Hong Hi referred to G/M Ki Ha Rhee as being "his best student." (Visual artifact was photographed on 6-4-06 by Gerard Robbins)

Grand Champion plaque won by Mitchell Bobrow at Henry Cho's All American Open Karate Championsips held at Madison Square Garden (New York City) on February 22, 1969. At that time the "All American Open" was the largest tournament on the East Coast and one of the most prestigious competitions held in North America. In 1969 Bobrow bested Chuck (Visual artifact by Mitchell Bobrow)

Grand Champion plaque won by George Thanos at Henry Cho's All American Open Karate Championsips held at Madison Square Garden (New York City) on March 8th, 1975. One of sport karate's most memorable bouts was George Thanos vs Joe Lewis during the early years of sport karate.. Thanos at only 17 years old dominted the entire match with Lewis who at that time was one of of America's greatest fighters. ( Visual artifact by George Thanos)

Individual Bronze medal won by USA's Albert Cheeks and team Silver medal won by USA at the First World Taekwondo Champions held in Seoul, Korea in 1973 (Visual artifact donated by Amos Johnson)

Trophy won by Ramiro Guzman of Mexico at the Full Contact World Championships in 1976 (Visual artifact donated by Ramiro Guzman)

Hogu chest protector, belt and 1988 Olympic Bronze Medal won by Manuel Jurado of Mexico (Visual artifact donated by Manuel Jurado)

1st Place Awards (4th Degree Patterns Division) 1992 8th World Taekwon-do Championships, Pyongyang Presented to Alain Dumain of Canada (Visual artifact donated by Master Alain Dumain)

1st Place trophy won by the Canadian Team at the 1st Canada National Tae Kwon Do Open Championships which were held in Toronto in 1972. (Visual artifact donated by Master Mounir Ghrawi)

Awards won by Master Michael Vasquez First USA male to win a gold medal in the KUKKIWON 14th Annual Foreigners' and Women's Taekwondo Championships 1983 (Visual artifact donated by Master Michael Vasquez)

Silver medal won by Ninous Tuman of Iran 1978 3rd Asian Taekwondo Championships, Hong Kong (Visual artifact donated by Ninous Tuman)

Official Pennant of the Iran National Team 1978 3rd Asian Taekwondo Championships, Hong Kong (Visual artifact donated by Ninous Tuman)

Medals awarded to SEO Byung Hyun, who was inducted into the Korea Amatuer Sports Assocation Hall of Fame in 1965. SEO Byung Hyun was the 2nd Korean Taekwondo player inducted following Ahn Dae Sup (Visual artifact donated by Seo Byung Hyun)

Medals won by PARK Dong Keun. He was inducted into the Korea Amatuer Sports Assocation Hall of Fame in 1966. He served as captain of the Korean National Team and retired from competition undefeated in over 200 matches (Visual artifact donated by Gerard Robbins)

World Medals of Cesar Rodriguez Luna of Mexico (Visual artifact donated by Cesar Rodriguez Luna)

Medals won by Sarah Chung, Malaysia's greatest female fighter. (Visual artifact donated by Sarah Chung)

Medals won by Pradipta Kumar Roy of India (Visual artifact donated by Roy's Taekwomdo Academy) More on Pardipta Kumar Roy

Medals won by Ruma Roy Chowdhury of India (Visual artifact donated by Roy's Taekwobndo Academy More on Ruma Roy Chowdhury

Medals won by Jong Chul Lee include the 1973 "Selection Tournament for Best Player" - 1st Place.and Presidential Flag Champs 1975, 1976, & 1977 - 1st Place. (Visual artifact donated by Master Jong Chul Lee)

1972 1st National Costa Rica Taekwondo Championship trophy (center), Bronze medal won at 2nd World TKD Championships (in front of trophy) and other awards won by Alejandro Chacon Zumbada of Costa Rica (Visual artifact donated by Alejandro Zumbada Chacon)

A few of the medals won by Aldo Barrientos Gonzales of Peru. Clockwise from bottom: South American (bronze), Pan American (gold), Pan American(bronze), Bolivian Championhips (gold), and center: South American Championships (gold). (Visual artifact donated by Aldo Barrientes Gonzales)

Medals won by Annastasia Osudia of Nigeria (Visual artifact donated by Ibrahim Yahuza)

Medals won by Katya Solovey / Ukraine (Visual artifact donated by Oleg Solovey)

Medals won by Darrell Henigan - Canada (Visual artifact donated by Darrell Henigan)

Silver Cup presented to Kim Bok Man from the British Association For The Advancement of Taekwondo. A little known fact is that Kim Bok Man is the technical founder of Taekwon-do having encouraged Gen. Choi Hong Hi to form and spread the I.T.F. throughout South East Asia and Europe. Visual artifact donated by Kim Bok Man)

ITF Star presented to Mounir Ghrawi by General Choi Hong Hi in 1994 (Visual artifact by Master Mounir Ghrawi)

Taekwondo Vase awarded to Mounir Ghrawi in Pyong Yang / North Korea(in 1989), by the DPR Korea Taekwondo Association. This ' Traditional Korean Ceramic Vase' is actually hand made with gold Taekwondo drawings. It is truly a unique piece of Art. (Visual artifact donated by Mounir Ghrawi)