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Providing recognition and incentives by the way of awards to demonstrate excellence in the field of Taekwondo, a unique form of martial art which is also referred to as "Tae Kwon Do", or "Taekwon-Do"; Organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Providing museum facilities for presentations and exhibitions; Organization and hosting of exhibitions for sporting, cultural and educational purposes; Arranging and conducting of seminars in self-awareness; Museum services, namely, exhibiting to the public a historical information relating to taekwondo; Publication of books in the field of taekwondo; Educational services, namely, conducting classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, retreats, camps and field trips in the field of taekwondo and distribution of training material in connection therewith; Operating of taekwondo museums; Provision of education information relating to taekwondo instruction; Conducting educational exhibitions in the nature of the history, development, and philosophy of taekwondo; Operation of taekwondo studio; Educational services, namely, providing training for licensing and certification in the field of taekwondo.